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 Hagley Hall Restoration Updates

Many thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for part-funding the project to complete GWR 4930 'Hagley Hall's restoration.

If you would like to help fund the restoration of 'Hagley Hall' you can either donate online or by sending in a donation form specifying Hagley Hall as the destination of your donation.

June 2017

4930This month marked the 10th Anniversary of the return to the Severn Valley Railway of 4930 “Hagley Hall”, following its eight-year display at Swindon Outlet Centre. In an intricate operation on 7th June 2007, 4930 was winched out of its home inside the former GWR Swindon Works, and placed on a low-loader for the road trip back to Kidderminster.

Following an overnight stop at Allelys Heavy Haulage Depot at Studley, 4930’s onward journey to Kidderminster incorporated a small diversion at Hagley, where, by kind permission of Lord Cobham, the locomotive made a short stop at the stately home after which it was named.



January 2017

4930As we enter the New Year, recent work on 4930’s tender frame is nearing completion, with all new steelwork now riveted into position at the rear of the structure, and awaiting several coats of paint.


4930Meanwhile, Bridgnorth Works’ painters have been hard at work transforming the new tender tank from red ochre to a more pleasant green undercoat.

Behind the scenes, research is under way to source original Hall cylinder block engineering drawings. Cylinder Block replacement will be a costly additional expense, but will ensure that 4930 will hopefully run for a further half century and beyond. Please support our continuing fund-raising, as work on the restoration enters several new phases during 2017. 



November 2016

Work continued on the rear of the tender chassis, to prepare the area for painting. Using needle guns, the 'box sections' were surface-cleaned of any remaining rust and dirt, before application of the first layer of primer paint. 

The newly-constructed Collett-design tender was delivered to Bridgnorth Works today.  The delivery of the tender tank marks another milestone in the restoration project, fundraising continues, with the Friends of Hagley Hall donating £50,000 to the project.  This covers the manufacture of the new tender tank, the new tyres on the tender wheels, and other work in progress.

October 2016

This month marked the 30th Anniversary of 4930’s last steaming in October 1986.  One generation later, and with 4930 in its 88th year, restoration and complete overhaul of the locomotive is now firmly under way, and with the probability of it re-entering service around its 90th Birthday with a 10-year boiler certificate, it should remain in steam until its centenary in May 2029. 

September 2016

The Friends of Hagley Hall are delighted to report that they have now exceeded the figure of £110,000, thanks to the continuing support of their regular band of donors.  This will assist with the increased costs of the restoration, but further donations are urgently required as work proceeds.

Renovation and repainting of tender components continues during our volunteer sessions at Bridgnorth Works. Each item needs to be cleaned and inspected before repainting, which involves application of six coats of paint. Work on the spring hangers now being almost complete, attention will turn to the intermediate buffer and draw-gear.

On Saturday, 10 Sept, a work party was successful in splitting the two halves of the cylinder block, to allow full examination of the condition of the interior passages. Subsequent inspection has, however, confirmed that the cylinders have been previously patched, and are therefore now beyond repair. Engineering drawings of early “Hall” cylinders are now being sourced, and the likely way forward will be the casting of new cylinders.

Work on the tender frames has also been progressing, and repairs are now at an advanced stage. All remaining wasted metalwork at the rear end has now been removed, and fabrication of the replacement steel beams is imminent. Most of the tender chassis has now been given an initial coat of primer paint.

August 2016

Following the fantastic progress made on 4930 during the last week, we now report more developments which move the project further ahead. Yesterday, during a test of the SVR’s steam crane, the opportunity was taken to remove 4930’s cylinders.

Today, with the cylinders removed, work to clean and prepare 4930’s frames has already begun, whilst the riveting of the tender frames continues apace, Apprentice Dean Parkin gains valuable experience. 

It has become apparent that we were somewhat over-optimistic in the amount of time it would take to remove the bolts attaching the cylinders to the frames. These were very corroded, and the positioning of the remaining bolts has made it extremely difficult to access them with appropriate power tools.


May 2016

On 30 May, a work party at Bridgnorth continued the task of cleaning and painting components from the tender, in preparation for eventual refitting.  

April 2016

In recent weeks, volunteer work has concentrated on attempting to remove a cylinder cover which refused to budge. The front bogie has been removed in order to gain access to the underside of the cylinder block, and to release the bolts attaching the block to the main frames.

29th February 2016

During the past month, volunteer working parties have removed the remaining piston and valve, and have also detached both crossheads and one of the slidebars. Work is now in progress to remove the heavily corroded bolts on the cylinder block.


25th January 2016

Last week’s work party succeeded in removing one of the pistons and valves from 4930.


Also, apart from a lick of paint, work on the third tender wheelset is now complete.

14th January 2016

Of necessity, the main focus at Bridgnorth Works during November and through to the present, has been the need to maintain the operational fleet for the busy Christmas period, and to carry out pre-planned maintenance during the Winter “closed” weeks in preparation for the new season. Despite these demands on workshop staff, volunteers have continued work on 4930, firstly by pressure cleaning the frames, and subsequently removing valve covers and releasing the valves and valve spindle rods. Front cylinder covers are now removed, and the cotter wedge has been taken out of the crosshead. Work continues on splitting the piston rods from the crossheads, and descaling the cylinder block.


Meanwhile, in the Machine Shop, the final wheelset for the tender has now been machined, including the journals, which were just being completed when pictured on 7th Jan.


27th September 2015

During the last few weeks, work has continued at a steady pace on refurbishing the tender frames. The longitudinal beams at the front end have now been replaced by new steelwork, and when this is completed, attention will shift to similar work at the rear of the framework.


On 17th September, HRH Duke of Gloucester visited the SVR Bridgnorth Works, during which, Brian Humphries and apprentice Dean Parsons, who were working on 4930’s tender frames, were introduced to him.


The Duke then went on to examine 4930’s cylinder block, and cabside plating.


On 26th September, we were very pleased to receive further practical assistance from five enthusiastic members of the SVR Junior Club. Fully kitted out in overalls and PPE, they set to work under supervision, scraping accumulated dirt, grease, and general gunge from the running plates of 4930. This helps enormously in the task of cleaning components for eventual replacement on the loco, as well as providing the youngsters with practical work experience and knowledge of steam locomotive parts. We, and also they, are already looking forward to their next visit!

Photos courtesy of Bob Sweet.

15th August 2015

Yet more parts have been removed from 4930 by “Petal & Co.” as their working week draws to a close. Over the past few days, they have removed all the running plates from the front end of the locomotive. Our thanks go to the team once again, for all the work they have done.

Meanwhile in the Machine Shop, work has started on the tender bearings:

11th August 2015

The last two weeks have witnessed remarkable progress in the locomotive overhaul. During the weekend of August 01/02, a working party of volunteers set to work on the unenviable task of removing the boiler and cylinder cladding plates, followed by the removal and disposal of the boiler lagging. Whilst the lagging material had no asbestos content, its removal was an unpleasant task which required full protective gear, as these three photographs by Nick Willcox show:


Following this bout of activity, other volunteers continued with part removal during the week, and on Saturday, the Heavy Gang, aka “Petal & Co” arrived to undertake some of the more difficult tasks. They removed washout plugs on lower firebox, the steam heat pipe and brackets from under the ashpan, blowdown valve, and the damper linkages.

As a result of this work, 4930 was considered ready for the boiler to be lifted off the frames in an operation on 11 August.

Firstly, the cab roof was temporarily removed from 4930 in order to allow lifting capability for the overhead crane within the boiler shop. Bolts in the cab roof had already been removed on the previous day. 4930 was then taken from the works yard by Class 08 Shunter D3586, around to the Boiler Shop for the long awaited lift to take place.




Finally, the ashpan was removed. 4930 was then replaced in the Works Yard, where the intrepid team of Petal & Co will continue on parts removal during the next few days. A momentous week in the project.


Thanks go to all those involved.

25th July 2015

We are delighted to announce that major preparation work on the locomotive has just begun, with the removal of boiler cladding bands, and back head cladding. The intention is now to remove all boiler cladding and lagging from 4930 shortly. When this has been successfully completed, a work group will remove other components, prior to a boiler lift, which it is hoped will take place during August.

On other fronts, the second tender wheelset has now visited the wheel lathe, leaving only one remaining to be profiled.

The recent tender frame front end welding has been ultrasonically tested. Work is now continuing on cross members, and other tender frame components, including the steps.

We are also very pleased to report that the new tender tank has been completed at Adam Dalgleish Engineering, and a coat of red oxide paint has been applied for protection. It is now in temporary storage until the refurbished tender frames are ready to receive it.


9th July 2015

It is now understood that the long-awaited restoration of the locomotive will begin in earnest within the next few weeks. Removal of components has already started. Boiler cladding will be removed shortly, prior to an anticipated boiler lift later in the year.

Today, 4930 was seen in the yard at Bridgnorth, paired with the immaculately restored lined black tender for 75069.

The refurbishment of 4930's tender chassis took a major step forward today, as the new front-end frame sections, including the new drawbar, were welded to the original sections. Some further work is required to replace some other small sections of wasted metalwork, but today's activity marks a notable milestone in the restoration project, which can now move forward towards the expected arrival of the new tender tank in due course.

Further pictures of the almost completed new tender tank for 4930 at Adam Dalgleish Engineering at Stockton, courtesy of Ian Walker. It will not be completed until it comes to site at Bridgnorth when the sump will be fitted. This allows easy storage and transportation.

6th July 2015

The 50th Anniversary of the Severn Valley Railway was marked by a line-up of locomotives at Bridgnorth. Adorned with a Severn Valley Golden Jubilee headboard, this will probably mark the last occasion in which 4930 will feature in an official event before its imminent major overhaul.

17th June 2015

We are pleased to report that the tender wheelsets for 4930 are now entering the machine shop at Bridgnorth Works for profiling. Work on the first set began on 17 June, with the others to follow in sequence. Meanwhile, the finishing touches are now being made to the new tender tank at Adam Dalgleish Engineering at Stockton.

31st March 2015

Work on the new tender tank for 4930 has been continuing at Adam Dalgleish Engineering at Stockton. These recent views show the progress made in recent weeks.


To summarise recent developments, all internal baffles fitted and welded, tank sides and extension fitted and welded, rear floor plate being welded this week, new beading fitted (this was sourced from a local rolling mill with tooling made to match a sample of the original). Coal space back plate to have new beading bent and fitted this week.

The next big job will be the fitting of the “false” rivets to ensure that the tender is cosmetically correct!

27th February 2015

Work on the new tender tank for 4930 "Hagley Hall" has been proceeding rapidly at Stockton, and, as can be seen in the accompanying photos, the majority of the main structure is now complete. Our thanks go to Adam Dalgleish Engineering for the photographs.


11th January 2015

A positive start to 2015. Early January has seen lots of progress on the wheelsets for 4930’s tender. As we reported earlier, the wheels are at South Devon Railway Engineering for re-tyring, and we are delighted to report that the first set (the trailing axle) was re-tyred at Buckfastleigh on Thursday 8th Jan, followed by another set on the following day. All three axles should be complete within the next couple of days. These are the first major components to be renovated as part of the 4930 restoration programme.


21st December 2014

Following our recent news from the North East of England that work has begun on construction of our new tender tank, further good news has now been received from the South West. 4930’s tender wheels are currently at South Devon Railway Engineering at Buckfastleigh for re-tyring. As the following photos show, the new tyres have just been delivered, and fitting to our wheelsets will take place early in the new year.


On 21 December 2014, committee members were at Arley Station to run the Christmas “Roast Chestnut” stall, which annually boosts our funds for 4930’s restoration. The weather was kind to us, and a good day was enjoyed. The Committee of the Friends of Locomotive 4930 would like to wish all their supporters and friends the compliments of the season, and look forward to your continuing interest in the locomotive’s restoration during 2015. Hopefully, the New Year will bring more significant milestones as we move towards 4930’s return to service.

The latest addition to our Sales items may even help to celebrate the New Year. We now have 4930 Hagley Hall tankards available in support of our fundraising. Wishing you Best Wishes for 2015.

18th December 2014

Work has continued at Bridgnorth, preparing components for welding to the tender chassis. In our last update, the new dragbox was shown in position at the front of the tender chassis, but this has now returned to the workbench, where apprentice Max Greene has been busy finishing the structure, and drilling the necessary holes in it.

Meanwhile, the new frame plates have now been temporarily welded in position ready for the impending permanent welding session.


Further good news has now arrived from Adam Dalgleish Engineering Ltd., of Stockton who are constructing the new Collett-style tender tank for 4930. Following many weeks work on the technical drawings, fabrication of the steelwork has now begun, as the following photographs show. Our thanks to Adam Dalgleish Engineering Ltd., for the photos of work in progress.

17th November 2014

The newly fabricated replacement dragbox for 4930's tender is now complete, and has been placed in position for imminent welding to the frames. Work on the new front end frame plates is now well advanced.

Volunteers have also removed the locomotive's smokebox fittings.


Our last update showed the component steelwork for 4930’s new tender dragbox having just arrived. Rapid progress by the Bridgnorth Works staff during the last week now shows that the fabrication of the dragbox is well under way, and completion will result in another milestone in the restoration project.

15th October 2014

Continuing the recent excellent progress on 4930’s tender at Bridgnorth Works, other component items of new steelwork have arrived in readiness for welding to the chassis, and the existing steelwork has been carefully prepared to accept the new sections.

The new drag box rear plate is on site together with the new front buffer plate. Now that all the tubes have been removed from 4930’s boiler, the front tubeplate is now fully visible.

On Saturday 11th October, volunteers were joined by six enthusiastic members of the SVR Junior Club, who ably assisted in cleaning years of accumulated “gunge” from the tender axlebox covers, and spring hangers. We were delighted to see these young assistants who came along for the day. Under careful supervision, they were able to gain a useful understanding of the components on which they were working.

25th September 2014

New front frame steel plates have now been delivered to Bridgnorth for the refurbishment of 4930's tender chassis, which has now been shot-blasted to allow further detailed examination of its structure. Other steel plates have been found to be in need of attention, and these will also be replaced during the restoration project. It is also confirmed that the tender wheelsets, currently at the South Devon Railway for attention, are to have new tyres fitted to ensure that the "new" tender is of the highest possible standard when complete, and fit for many years of future service.

4th September 2014

Good progress continues on both locomotive and tender. The locomotive has had the header, blastpipe, and remaining steampipe removed, together with all flue tubes and many of the remaining small tubes. The saddle bolts have also been removed.

Tender wheelsets, removed during the lift on 9th July, have now gone to the South Devon Railway for attention. Meanwhile, following an assessment of the condition of the steel plate on the tender chassis, the front section including the dragbox and front stretcher bar have been cut away at Bridgnorth, and will be replaced by new steelwork.

4930 Progress Report - 10th July 2014

Good progress has been made in the past fortnight, on both locomotive and tender. Group members have set to work on the locomotive, burning tube ends to allow removal of boiler tubes. All tube end burning has now been completed. Other components have also been removed for storage.

Removal of the first boiler tube - 5th July 2014

Major advances have taken place with the tender, now that the SVR’s steam crane is again operational following its heavy overhaul. The steam crane was in use on 8th July, its first duty being to lift 4930’s tender tank from the chassis. The tender tank has been examined and found to be unfit for further use, and it will now be stored pending disposal. A new Collett-design tender tank has now been ordered as part of the restoration project.

On 9th July, following a comprehensive repositioning of stock at Bridgnorth Works, and after initial de-scaling and rust-removal by volunteers, 4930’s tender chassis frame was lifted from its wheels and placed on accommodation bogies. The tender frame has now been moved inside the works, where further activity can now begin in earnest. The wheelsets will now have their condition examined and assessed for further use.

27th June 2014: News from Friends of Hagley Hall

At one of their regular Saturday meetings, older members of the SVR Junior Club gained some hands-on experience when they helped volunteers on the 4930 Hagley Hall project. As the overhaul starts to make progress, all the cab fittings and non-ferrous pipework have been removed. During this work session, Junior Club members were able to see, at first hand, the layout of the locomotive cab, and assisted, under supervision, with the removal of some of the components. The Friends of Locomotive 4930 Hagley Hall are pleased to see such interest being shown by the SVR Junior Club, and will welcome their assistance with other suitable tasks as the overhaul proceeds.

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