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Falling Sands viaduct

We've succeeded in passing the first hurdle in our ambitious plans to restore Falling Sands. The Heritage Lottery Fund have awarded us almost £72,000 so that we can further develop our application to them for the full grant of  £1 million that will be needed.

Made possible by National Lottery players, this initial development grant will allow us to carry out detailed research into the work that will be required to ensure the viaduct can continue to provide a vital link from Kidderminster station to the rest of the Severn Valley line.

We'll also develop a programme of community engagement around the restoration project, with an emphasis on the social history and importance of steam rail in the region. We'll work closely with schools and local interest groups throughout and after the restoration work.

We've already spoken to dozens of organisations including community groups, schools, businesses, and arts, history and civic groups, not to mention around 700 Railway volunteers, and we found overwhelming support for the viaduct’s restoration, and a strong desire for involvement from all quarters.

There are busy times ahead as we shape and refine how we will put this ambitious project into practice. HLF will make a final decision on the full £1 million in September 2018. 


How you can help to preserve this important part of the SVR's infrastructure

As we continue to develop the plans for final submission to HLF, we will also be launching a major fundraising campaign to secure the further £275,000 we'll need in addition to HLF funding.

But you can already make a donation to the fund to restore Falling Sands viaduct. Perhaps you'd like to make a single donation online or set up a regular donation to help with this essential project? Alternatively you can download a donation form to complete and send to us. Please write 'Falling Sands' on it so that we'll know exactly where you want your contribution to go to.

We know that the more funds we raise in the coming months, the better our chance of success with the final bid to HLF for Falling Sands.

Why Falling Sands is so important to the SVR 

The viaduct was completed in 1877, and years of water have gradually seeped into its seven arches, causing the brickwork to crack and erode, and the mortar joints to crumble. There’s already a 20 mph speed limit on trains crossing Falling Sands, and things can only get worse. Forced closure of the viaduct would cut off Kidderminster from the rest of the line. To lose this essential operational hub, housing our historic fleet of carriages, the Diesel Depot, mainline connection, and the point of departure for 80% of our visitors, would compromise the entire future of the SVR. It would be simply unthinkable.

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