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LNER Newsletter No 57 - December 2016

SVR’s superb coach collection

It was always a challenge for SVR to follow up September’s visits of Flying Scotsman and Tornado. But, being the SVR, the Railway did this in its usual grand style for the ‘end-of-season’ Gala. One of the main visiting locos was LMS ‘Crab’ No.13065 from the East Lancashire Railway. That engine returned to service in 2014 in the rich and glorious LMS Crimson Lake livery. It looked most pleasing running with the SVR’s set of restored LMS coaches. The SVR can uniquely run ten such coaches (12 eventually). This picture shows eight of these running with two BR Mark 1 dining vehicles at the back. These latter coaches were forming the volunteer-run Severn Valley Venturer dining service.

New-build A1 Pacific 60163 Tornado also returned to the SVR adding an LNER dimension to the Gala. Tornado’s further visit here was for some winter work, making use of Bridgnorth’s wheel drop facility. But, for once, Tornado was not the focus of interest!


December’s edition of Bewdley Town’s ‘Bridge’ magazine has, as its colour centre spread, a piece on the restoration work over the last 44 years to create a complete nine carriage Gresley teak train for the SVR. As is the way of things, news about carriage projects often gets overwhelmed by items about famous engines. This piece sought to redress that, particularly as much of the Teak Train work has been done at Bewdley - mostly out in the open and in all weathers...


This Christmas, BBC Four viewers can sit back and enjoy a sixty minute trip from the driving seat of Flying Scotsman, with a signal-by-signal guide to life on the footplate of the nation's favourite steam engine. In a special one-off ‘slow-TV’ treat for Christmas, the crew take locomotive 60103 down the Severn Valley Railway, making its way through the stunning landscapes between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster.

     ‘Flying Scotsman: From the Footplate’ is to be transmitted on BBC Four at 9pm on Thursday 29th December. Filmed during the engine’s visit to the SVR, the documentary will take viewers on a special ‘slow-TV’ one hour trip along the Valley in real time. This is something to look forward to as a post-Christmas treat while you finish up the mince pies. Remember to set your recorders! Just hope the carriages get a mention too.......


This recently out-shopped Tourist Third Open ran during September’s special event with a temporary information panel, as we wanted the finished version to bring the Teak Train story up–to-date with coverage of the Flying Scotsman visit. The finished version, with suitable pictures of both 60103 and 60163 hauling the nine carriage Gresley teak train, has now been fitted in 52255.



An order has been placed for the Douglas Fir external planking needed for the bodywork refurbishment once the steel sections are finished. This allows the wood to be seasoned before machining to the required sizes.

     The cabin-end buffers and a number of rivets have been removed. This gave access to extract the extensive rust under the corner posts and beneath the floor there. Corroded angle iron has been removed too. This means the destructive stage is now ending, allowing rebuilding to progress. Following the contract work done at the veranda end, the cabin end floor plate has now been welded to the headstock. This makes a more weather-proof joint reducing the risk of new rust gaining a hold.

     The outer ends of the veranda side plates have been spot-welded to the new corner posts, thereby neatly closing up any gaps. The new steel side plates have been straightened to pull them into line with the doors. Work has also started on refurbishing the angles which form the brackets that hold the sandboxes to the sides. A recent donation allows us to order some further metal components. And a very sorry looking guard’s stove is now in store pending its repair over the coming months. Please keep donations coming in 2017!

The latest news and pictures on the project can be checked at:http://www.svrwiki.com/GWR_17410_%27Toad%27_20T_Goods_Brake_Van

http://svrlive.wixsite.com/svrlive/news-130916-1    and     http://www.lnersvrcoachfund.org.uk/gwrtoad17410prog2016.html


Historic pictures! One shows Doris Gunning at her teak train fund-raising post in the former LNER shop that used to reside on Platform One at Bewdley.The shop was housed in a wooden shed.

The second shows what is now our Brake Third 24506 in its early condition as received from the South Devon Railway. Richard Gunning says this picture was taken just before the few remaining guard ducket support screws were removed in a controlled way. One of the adjacent van doors did decide to drop off of its own accord shortly after an attempt was made to open it! Just as well that didn’t happen during its trip to us along the M5!!!

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