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September 2012 update

By Hugh McQuade

LNER 1936 Kitchen Composite, 7960

Work in the Pantry is nearing a conclusion at Kidderminster, with the plumbing in of our new boiler and a successful water test during August. This was followed in September by the installation of a B.R. pattern ultra-violet sterilizer, which has also been water tested and is now being wired in. This will bring 7960 in line with the 1961 built buffet cars that already operate on the SVR as far as water quality is concerned.

The short cupboard to go next to the pantry doorway is under construction at a members home and will be the final piece of furniture for the pantry. Thought is being given and research carried out into cup, saucer and tea-plate sizes, so that the drawer linings may be created next.

In the kitchen the floor has had several rotten boards replaced with new timber during September. These had been damaged by water from the long-gone sink and years of mopping out by Scottish cooks on the Inverness breakfast train. Plywood panels have been cut and fitted to fill the voids between the wall frame members. These will be clad in stainless steel at a later time to provide a clean surface in which to cook. Research into the type and level of service and cooking that may be required has been going on over the last few weeks. We have already taken advice from Venice-Simplon Orient Express, the Bluebell Railway and the Mid Hants who all operate high quality dining car trains. This will help us to provide equipment suitable for the job, and we are already in contact with a supplier of railway kitchen equipment to this end.

LMSR 1932 Gangwayed Brake, 2886

Throughout the summer we have continued with the reconstruction of the floor, which is divided into five sections. The fourth section had a lot of broken timber ribs in the frames, which appeared to be damage from heavy barrels.

Almost all of the fourth section is now new timer, which quarter inch thick steel plates ready to go on top after the distractions of the September gala weekend. Painting has progressed as weather permits, and the East side is now up to a third coat of maroon undercoat. Beading for this side is currently being made up in aluminium after delays in supply. Internal wall planking is proceeding well after we changed suppliers owing to irregular sizes causing difficulties. The battery box for the East side has been rebuilt on the bench and is now ready to go back under the vehicle on the last weekend of September before we close up the fourth floor section.
Our fund raiser in the coach next door had a very good gala weekend, raising over £500 towards 2886’s restoration costs.

Charitable Trust Development

During September we were advised by Comptons that our In-House fund raiser would be starting in October. In co-operation with the Holdings company, they will be sharing temporary office space by the riverside at Bewdley. In conjunction with the Holdings Company share issue the Trust has been tasked with raising funds for a variety of projects which would include a training establishment created for the SVR.

Fund raising board chairman John Leftwich continues to be very active in building a team with training specifically to the forefront, and we look forward to the next stage of the fundraising process where we might see the money start to come in. A project that might benefit from this could be our turntable. Baseplates for the ring rail have been ordered and a quote sought for the locking plates which go into the walls. A local civil engineering firm is being talked to, to see if this might be a community service project or training exercise. In the meantime the painting of the turntable was finally completed in early August by volunteers from Worcester Bosch Group. We thank them for their generous help, which was in recognition of their firms 75th anniversary.

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