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October 2010 update

By Hugh McQuade, Chairman

LMS 6 wheeled brake, 2886


After 15 months of work on our major rebuild project, we reached the point when we could put in our claim to M.L.A. for our PRISM grant. In response we have had payment of £9,251, which covers the materials for the rebuilt bodyshell in the first year of the build. Work then turned to rebuilding the current South end gangway tunnel, which by the end of October was ready to receive the bellows that has been held in stock for the last three years. Preparatory work on the ironmongery for the north end has also begun and will continue through November. The roof has been completed up to the penultimate coat of gloss, so that the safety harness arrangement could be taken down on Nov 6th. This will allow work to start on reconstruction of the north tunnel as the reconditioned parts become ready.

Detailed woodwork has been ongoing during the month to provide the large radiused curved pieces that form the eaves. These have taken quite a lot of trial fitting and shaping to ensure a watertight joint. Also the timber retainers for the guards ducket glasses have had to be hand made. On LMS duckets they seem to have been custom-made as a kit, and none of the others on SVR based LMS brakes match each other! All of the glasses are slightly different in each case by small degrees.

Photo shows new volunteer Martin Williams working on the South end of 2286. Photo: Stewart Clark.

Sleeping Car 9084

Our GWR-style Hawksworth sleeping car was utilised at Arley for the duration of the visit by sister vehicle 9085 to the paintshop at Kidderminster. 9085 was treated to finish painting and gutter works, among other finishing off tasks.

On completion, 9085 was returned to Arley on October 19th when the opportunity to see and photograph two Hawksworth sleeping cars in GWR livery was, briefly, a unique event.

Our vehicle, 9084 was returned to Kidderminster storage shed to await its next call of duty.

The Arley staff were very appreciative of the interior condition of 9084 as it is virtually intact, unlike 9085 which is minus its sinks, lavatory compartment and attendants quarters.

The upper two photos by James Broughton show 9085 freshly outshopped at Kidderminster. And the lower, by Hugh McQuade, show the two sleeping cars together at Arley.

9085 9085 9085 9085

RST vehicles in SVR works, 25346.

BR Mk1 corridor second (SK) 25346 has been in the Kidderminster paintshop since October 16th. After ten years in service since its last visit, it is "overdue works" by 4-5 years. Despite this, and owing entirely to the carriage storage shed, its condition is not bad. The paintwork will stand a rub down and top-up rather than having to be stripped bare again. The doors have had a thorough service, including replacements droplight guides, locks, strikeplates and interior waterproofing. The bodyside sliding windows were also showing signs of wear, two pairs were swapped due to eroded frames and all had anti-rattle skates renewed to prevent heavy impacts and further damage. The roof vents all had to be rebedded to cure leaks caused by insufficient preparation at the last refit.

25346 is due back to service on December 4th on the Santa services, so there has been time to improve the interior decor. All compartments are having the ceilings reglossed, and the veneered walls are being cleaned and revarnished throughout. The trust has bought a new set of batteries as improvements for 25346. They were bought at a reduced price to clear, but unfortunately the supplier accidentally scrapped them by mistake. They did the decent thing and ordered a new set to be made (in Poland) at the agreed price. So we get a set of batteries worth £1,095 for just £695.

Sister vehicle 25498 has been red-carded for most of the summer as a result of wheel flats, and is awaiting tyre turning at the SVR’s expense. Latest indications are that it will occur in the new financial year. Following that it will be due for a paintshop visit. There is no point in painting it sooner as the lorry that takes it to the ground-lathe passes down a tree-lined avenue with regrettable results for the paint.

LMS 7511, one year, not out!

Our pride and joy has just completed one year in use on the Bridgnorth-based Venturer dining car service. Apart from a couple of loose lamp-shades it has performed faultlessly and is well regarded by staff and customers alike. It will over-winter at Kidderminster storage shed having done its last ‘turn’ for 2010 on Sunday 31st October. 7511 is being entered for the latest H.R.A. "Coach of the Year" contest. Lets hope the 10 years work by volunteers and over £80,0000 raised and spent by them gets recognised.

7819 Hinton Manor

At MacArthur Glenn shopping centre, formerly Swindon works, it is set to receive its annual seasonal decorations. Whether you think embellishing a steam locomotive with fairy lights and tinsel is in good taste or not, the fact is it will draw attention to our loco. People will then notice our leaflets, and we are also negotiating for a DVD to be played beside the engine. If it raises awareness and increases our ‘take’, then that is worthwhile.

Kidderminster turntable

Our asset continues to receive attention from a work experience group. After summer holidays, a fresh group has been clearing bricks, shrubbery and debris from the surrounding area. In conjunction with Mick Osborne and his sleeping car installation the area is improving and will shortly have properly laid out paths. The Trust is going to fund the hire of a mini-digger to enable volunteers to receive formal training, to the betterment of our turntable and the further groundworks around the sleeping cars and holding sidings in due course. This will ‘tick a box’ in our charitable aims to provide training in skills to further railway operation and repair.

Big News coming soon

The Trust and a rolling stock owner are awaiting final approval from the SVR for a transfer of ownership of a number of coaches. A lot of work has gone into this so far, but with nothing to report for some months. We are on the verge of a pronouncement, so watch this space!

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