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October 2009 update

by Hugh McQuade

7511 Update – DONE IT!

7511The SVR’s Autumn Steam Gala saw the completion of our LMS 1934 First Open No.7511. At 6pm on Thursday, the day before to be precise, ten years work came to an end. Over 50 volunteers, 42 club sponsors and £75,000 has been needed to fulfil this task, and the appearance of the vehicle does the effort justice.

A final push during the week before the gala saw 7511 shunted into the paintshop at Kiddermnster for three days of cleaning and final varnishing, followed by window cleaning in the No.2 dock platform on Thursday. Someone suggested a donations bowl in case any one wanted to show their appreciation, and I found an enamel stewpot in the carriage works which was left on one of the tables with the message: “Donations towards restoration, ask for another pot when this one’s full”.
7511In the event the humour paid off, as several thousand of the 5,500 visitors to the railway that weekend passed through 7511 dropping change and some notes into the pot. 7511 was open to view from about 8.30am on Friday til’ 8.30pm that night, 9.30am Saturday til’ 6.30pm and 9.30am Sunday til’ 7pm, and was staffed by its restorers each day. Bagging up the change took Neil Smith most of Sunday afternoon, until we were left with £500 in £20 notes after changing it with the Kidderminster bookshop. Not bad for just opening the doors and letting folk in for a look and a chat.

In addition to instant donations over 300 “Hinton Manor” appeal leaflets were taken away, plus 130 SVR Rolling Stock Trust Co. general purpose fundraising leaflets. We look forward to a good post bag soon and maybe a few bequests in the future.

7511Arrangements are being made at the end of October, for 7511’s debut into traffic, which is scheduled to be a restorers and sponsors outing on Saturday November 7th coupled to the ‘Venturer’ kitchen car No.1682. The following day November 8th will see 7511’s first revenue earning trip in about 50 years when, again paired with 1682 it provides the Venturer Sunday lunch service. It will be standing in for regular BR First Open No.3103 which will be on loan to the GW Dining car set for the winter whilst 1925 built Third diner No.9653 is in the works for an overhaul.

On behalf of the former LMS & BR Coach Fund, which is now absorbed into the Trust, and also on behalf of our Bridgnorth-based committee I would like to thank all those individuals who, over that last ten years, have worked on, in, under, and on behalf of 7511. It is a reality of coach restoration that a project like this has taken 50 people, 10 years and £75,000.

7819 Hinton Manor

At the opening of Highley Footbridge and the visit of the Duke of Gloucester to the Engine House, Kevin Cronin managed to catch MPD Production Manager John Robinson for an update on the ordering of wheel tyres for our Manor class 4-6-0. “Doing it now” was the answer through a mouthful of sandwich. Recent preparations for the gala , then the aftermath of the derailment at Hampton Loade had rather taken up his time but John had promised to begin the arrangements once that lot had quietened down. Watch this space.

Kidderminster Turntable Fund (K.T.F.)

The K.T.F. has now signed agreements between the SVR (H), SVR RST and itself which complete the transfer of the Kidderminster Turntable to the Trust. Lest there be any confusion, the Trust now owns the ironwork, including the centre pintel, rails and chairs. The SVR (H) owns the land and brickwork. The agreements were finally signed by John Giles for the KTF and SVR RST chairman Hugh McQuade in 7511 while its windows were being cleaned on Thursday September 24th. Truly a completion day in more than one sense. Since then, during early October, hand weeding of the pit and surrounding masonry has begun using work experience youths on Thursdays under the guidance of Hugh McQuade. Arrangements are being made for Terram matting held by the P-Way dept. to be placed in the pit after removal of the large stones which can be reused elsewhere for gabions as required by the P-Way dept. These improvements will only cost volunteer labour, and will be the beginning of a re-vamp of the turntable and its environs. There are plans for some extra ‘run-offs’ which could accommodate two 08 shunters, but that will involve some expenditure, so once again, watch this space.

LMS 6-wheeled brake No.2886

Undergoing restoration at Bridgnorth repair dock, 2886 has had the north end, east side, framework rebuilt to the extent that on October 17th the first two galvanised panels were welded together in situ. Our contractor, Mike Walker is now rebuilding the timber framework on the South-East corner prior to us fitting new panels there next. Volunteers work on 2886 on Wednesdays, Saturdays and some Sundays, extra help is always welcome, training will be given. During 2009-10 the majority of the work will be bolting on ironwork into new timbers, screwing on steel panels, primer painting and some component reconditioning. The willingness to assist in aluminium can flattening is also vital to ensure a good cash-flow. Again training will be given. Call in and see us if you would like to join in.  

G.W. Sleeping Car No.9084

With 7511 out of the way, 9084 was brought back up to the works yard at Kidderminster so that final finishing off work could be done during October. The lavatory floor tiles have now set and new scotia was fitted by volunteer David Mead. The walls were rubbed down and repainted in the lavatory and the  sleeping berth walls cleaned with sugarsoap, by paintshop volunteers. Mattresses are on order-funded by the SVR Association, hopefully the right size will come this time. A first batch that were too wide were delivered in September, and fortunately were a fit for the Association’s MkIII sleeping car that was therefore made ready in time for the Diesel gala. With the derailment damage at Hampton Loade it will not be possible to install 9084 there until next year, so Andy Hipkiss, a paintshop volunteer has decided to redecorate the ceilings in the ten berths and touch up colours as required on beadings and edges of beds. The electrical work under the scrutiny of Malcolm Hanson and Gary Parsons was finally completed on October 20th with the replacement of a missing GWR lamp-holder on the redecorated lavatory compartments.

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