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November 2011 update

By Hugh McQuade, Chairman


On Saturday 12th LMSR 6 wheeled brake 2886 will be moved in an ECS working from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster using a class 20 diesel and freight brakevan. It will be turned on the Trust's turntable and then parked in Kidderminster C&W Works tent, over the pit in readiness for removal of the steam pipe by a licensed asbestos contractor the following week. A return trip has not yet been arranged in case of problems. The current East side now sports door top vents and a reproduction guards bullseye lamp over the ducket, not seen since these lamps were removed during the second world war to avoid attracting the attention of the German airforce.Beading has also been fitted to the correct size and position as in 1932, above and below the window lines. The lower body edge lengths will have to wait until 2886 is returned to Bridgnorth, as fitting these while against the cattle dock was a bit of a tight squeeze.

Internal planking has now started to be put up, with correct size tongue and groove boards made to measure specially for us. Overlapping boards for the doors on No.1 side are in production at a volunteers home and should be available to fit shortly. Asbestos removal will cost the project over £2400 and this sum has been raised during the year thanks to the efforts of Mike Parkers book stall in coach 4399 and the never-ending can crushing by Dave Millward and Peter Cope. Thank you to all those who have contributed either books or aluminium scrap this year, we have received no other grants in that time, so this has been 2886s main form of income.


One of the Trusts Mk1 coaches, 4509 is having repairs to water damaged ceiling panels at Kidderminster No.2 dock platform during November by paintshop volunteers, but should be ready for duty on Santa services.


The first piece of pantry dresser for LNER 7960 is now in the paintshop being varnished before fitting. Brassware in the form of four cupboard door bolts have been completed for it.


Four LNER profile table tops have been reconditioned and are ready for fitting in 52255 this week. These take several weeks to bring up to scratch, and another 4 are still to be attended to to make a complete set. Leather cloth for this work has been paid for by the Trust. Fourtytwo luggage rack brackets are complete and the tubes for them are now in process of being made up and decorated. A lot of net is also being produced by the Trust Secretary with a view to fitting the racks during the winter shut-down period. Authentic decoration of the walls with fabric will have to wait until 52255s next paintshop visit, but the addition of all these components will improve its looks no end during the 2012 season.


Work on LNER 70759 at Bewdley has been focused on laying the new floor inside the vehicle, and making up a cutting list for an order of Teak to be bought for which fund raising is ongoing. Approximately £10,000 will be needed for this essential purchase. Donations always welcome!

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