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July 2011 update

By Hugh McQuade, Chairman

During July the Trust has brought about the following advances in its projects:

Coach 9220

On July 4th, a new set of batteries, purchased by the Trust was fitted to its B.R.Mk1 Brake Second Open No.9220. This complements the full overhaul undertaken by the SVR Holdings workshop at Bewdley last year. Batteries released from 9220 will be cascaded into the fleet for further use.

Kidderminster turntable

The groundwork in and around the turntable reached completion on July 7th and 8th when 24 tonnes of reclaimed tarmac scalpings were laid in the pit over micropore sheet. A local gardening contractor, his son, the Trust chairman and a work experience lad carried out this final phase. Since taking over the turntable 80 tonnes of weed infested dirt and rubble has been shifted, mainly by work experience lads, with a mini digger hired in on 3 occasions, piloted by Brian Bessey. On the third occasion the opportunity was taken for other TMD volunteers to receive practical handling experience prior to a formal exam. Our education and training remit fulfilled with the turntable pit cleaned at the same time.

Further weed killing was undertaken around the top of the turntable pit wall, to try and eradicate the Mares-tail that has infested the area. Watch that space!

Bridgnorth LMS carriage rebuild project

The LMS 6 wheeled brake No.2886 continues with its steady progress. Three of its buffers were removed during July, and have been reconditioned, then reassembled by our volunteer workforce.
The fourth door on the East side had its timber framework repaired and rehung then skinned with new steel sheet. This is one of a pair of luggage double doors, and its partner has had an even more comprehensive repair.
A 2' 3" door from the body of 33002, dismantled at Didcot has been broken down to component form and a stile for the lock-side reworked for this 2' 0" wide door.
A further three 2' 3" doors from 33002 have been carefully dismantled at Kidderminster by a new recruit, and are also to be rebuilt as 2' 0" doors to replace doors on the West side of 2886 which are beyond repair. With the better weather in June, its was possible for Dave Millward and Alan Minton to fill, rub down and paint much of the East side body work up to a smooth Madder Red undercoat.

Kidderminster LNER Coach Project

The Pantry in LNER Kitchen restaurant car No.7960 begins to make headway. After careful development work by David Mead, including a full-size cardboard mock-up, on July 17th we ordered a stainless steel sink and drainer from a local manufacturer. Buffet car and kitchen car sink units in the stores were studied to ensure we incorporated the best railway practice. An opening for a gas supply to a top mounted boiler has been included, and prices for the boiler obtained. The teak structure that will stabilise the unit will be custom-built to suit it and incorporate the teak doors ordered by the late Phil James. The contractor that was carrying out manufacture of these doors has had to retire on health grounds, but has delivered the timbers, during July with several doors frames completed. Our own skilled carpenters lead by Dave Dorney will continue where he left off using the same notes, drawings and photographs that Phil used to produce the designs. Veneer panels were ordered from a Ludlow supplier on the 19th July for the centre panels on the dresser doors and are expected mid August.
In the Kitchen, work has begun on manufacturing teak trunking for wiring to the kitchen lamps. Work to the gangway end doors continues, with newly cast brass threshold plates now drilled and trimmed ready to fit, and preparatory work on the treadplates completed, meaning Tony Brookes can be fit them permanently by the end of the month.

Bewdley Monster Move takes place!

Our Bewdley based LNER Coach Group activists have succeeded in swapping the body off LNER pigeon van No.70759 onto the chassis of 70442. Using a turfer winch and scaffold pole rollers the timber body was moved in around three hours on July 13th.The Trust followed up the teams success by purchasing the chassis from the SVR Holdings company the same week so that there is "clear title" to the finished vehicle. Much of the rust treatment and painting work to the "new" chassis has already been done at Bewdley in recent weeks without the inconvenience of a body on top of it. See the photos below.

52255 raffle update

We are told by Jack Bond, the promoter of the SVR Association raffle in aid of 52255 , that a good response is being had to this appeal. Ticket books are still coming in at a good rate, with many including gift-aid donations added to the raffle ticket returns. Chrome plated coat hangers have already been installed in 52255,our newest acquisition, and 8 reconditioned LNER style table tops have replaced tatty ex BR Mk 1 types. Further tops are under renovation in Kidderminster paintshop at the hands of volunteers led by David Higgins and Andy Hipkiss.

Gift Aid windfall

The Trust recently received a 5 figure sum from the tax-man for gift aid claimed and this will help to propel all of the current projects forward without the fear of fund raising not keeping up with the builders.

Severn Valley Volunteers Successfully Transfer an 8 Ton Carriage Body

ex-LNER Pigeon Van 70759

An anxious Project Manager watches progress in the early moments of the move.

ex-LNER Pigeon Van 70759

Setting the scaffolding poles under the moving body.

ex-LNER Pigeon Van 70759

Nearly there! Just a few feet to go.

ex-LNER Pigeon Van 70759

The transferred body in its final position revealing...

ex-LNER Pigeon Van 70759

...the corroded underframe that will now be a source of spares for SVR's Carriage & Wagon Department.

ex-LNER Pigeon Van 70759

The group of 70759 movers in 'job done' mode!

Using technology that built Stonehenge and the pyramids, the SVR Rolling Stock Trust's LNER Carriage Group have successfully moved the 8 ton, 61'6" body of ex-LNER Pigeon Van 70759 from its original heavily corroded underframe.

The body was rolled onto a recently acquired underframe refurbished by the group. The transfer, a 'first' on the SVR, was achieved in little over three hours to within a quarter inch accuracy.

Carriage 70759 was built by the LNER in 1943, chiefly for wartime freight traffic. Such vehicles also had an important role in wartime ambulance trains in Europe and Britain. Some brought injured servicemen back to the large US Army hospital at Burlish near Bewdley.

The body move is the first stage in the Trust's £50k project to restore 70759 to operate in the SVR's popular 'Teak Train'. This will include passenger seating and the original features for carrying racing pigeons, once a major railway traffic.

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