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April 2012 update

By Hugh McQuade, Richard Hill and Richard Gunning

Kidderminster Turntable

The Trusts' Turntable has benefited from further work parties provided by the Worcester Bosch group. Two workdays so far have seen a total of 29 people working on the structural steelwork. An undercoating day in April had to be postponed owing to the heavy rains that day. Must be the drought we are expecting! The turntable saw lots of action during the recent Spring Gala, and evidence of our ongoing work may be regarded as unfortunate by some photographers... for which we apologise.


2886 LMS 1932 built six wheeled brake

The Bridgnorth gang have now rebuilt and fitted the second of five doors on the East side, and the third one is on the bench in an advanced state of assembly. Interior planking to the present south end is complete along with side wall planks extending as far the centre of the vehicle. At the north end the first of five floor sections has now been rebuilt with repaired or renewed timber joists and overlaid by two 2cwt steel sheets, which will eventually carry the pink cement covering.
The second floor section is ready to receive its two steel sheets, which are due to travel up from Kidderminster by train in one of our vehicles (35219) on Saturday 28th.
The West side battery box has been rebuilt and repositioned on the chassis on new lead sheeting to protect it from acid spills.

7960 LNER Kitchen Composite

The Kidderminster group enjoyed their run out over the Spring Gala, and 7960 was enjoyed by many visitors on the south end of the teak train. It performed without problems. A week later 7960 received its new boiler for the pantry, which now has the gas piping completed and tested by the contractor. The water supply pipes to the boiler and sink are now to hand and will be the subject of the next few days work by the volunteers. The dresser is now mounted on its wall properly, and detail finishing off is underway to it. A further tall cupboard framework is also in place temporarily to the right of the doorway from the corridor. It will soon go away as homework for the panelling and beading to be made and fitted, before returning as a completed unit. A leaking teak panel seam near to a first class seat has necessitated the removal of one seat unit and adjacent veneered panelling in order to dry it out. Sealing up will take place now that 7960 is back in the Carriage Works tent. Discussions regarding the kitchen layout have begun, starting with a visit from Tim Robbins from the Orient Express to offer advice.

LNER Tourist Third Open 52255

52255Paintshop volunteers installed the first of four long luggage racks in 52255 during April. They are so long that it takes two people two days to install each one. Two shorter racks had already been installed before the Gala. A fourth, due to be installed on 26/27th April had to be postponed owing to the vehicle leaving town! Set N was used on a charter before going to reside at Bridgnorth for a few weeks. We will catch it later in May, by which time number five will be ready too.

LMS TK 2300 Under repair at Bewdley

One of our LMSR Corridor Thirds, 2300, underwent repairs to a leaking roof edge and gutter at Bewdley. It was also fitted out with new lino throughout, and completely reupholstered using reproduction LMS period moquette supplied by the Trust. The SVR Bewdley staff and a contractor's wages amounted to about £8000.

Loco 7819

No we haven't started on it yet. However a set of tender spring suspension rubbers for it have been secured via the Erlestoke Manor Fund.
We have told the MacArthur Glenn shopping centre to hold onto 7819 for another year while we continue to raise funds for its overhaul. While guard of a special train early in April the Chairman had time to talk to his driver and fireman who are the Bridgnorth MPD Boiler and Works managers, and 7819s future repair is keenly anticipated by both of them, once we have sufficient funds to give meaningful help to the MPD budget.

LNER Brake Pigeon 70759 is a-changing!

70759The transformation of BG(P) 70759 into a Brake Third (BTK) has begun. At the Bridgnorth end, which will become the passenger accommodation, the first section of corridor side framework, a 9’ length between the guard’s door and the nearest passenger door was constructed over a twelve week period and fitted in place on 13th and 14th March. The framework is made entirely of recycled timber from 70442, 70759 and Birmingham University. Before the end of 2012 it is hoped to complete and fit the remaining two sections of framework to complete the corridor side, once another section of rotted cant rail has been replaced. The five sections of the compartment side should follow in 2013.

70759Meanwhile at the other (Stourport) end, which will remain in its original “Pigeon van” form, great efforts are being made to clean, de-bug, repair and recycle enough of the original planking to clad the interior. About half the planks have been completed and fitted in place, and there are enough to complete the third section. The fourth and final section includes the space in front of the guard’s compartment where it may be necessary to obtain some new planks. Provision has been made for hanging the standard emergency brake ladder in its usual ceiling position.

70759New toughened glass has recently been purchased for the remaining toplights at the Stourport end, and a start has been made on installing it. Work has also begun on cleaning down and inspecting the exterior doors. Three have so far been dealt with, and some repairs will be necessary before these can be hung. More of the exterior refurbished small teak panelling is place and receiving the attention of the varnishers.

Finally, the new teak panels have arrived in the UK and will soon be coming to Bewdley, accompanied by a large bill. Many panels are still available for sponsorship and details may be found at the LNER (SVR) Coach Fund’s website.

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