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LNER Newsletter No 68 - March 2018


The Toad’s restoration by the LNER Carriage Group is now at an advanced stage in Kidderminster Works, where it is being mechanically overhauled for SVR operation. The work involves lifting the wagon to work on areas not accessible at the project’s Bewdley stage. Largely thanks to the generosity our supporters so far, the SVR Charitable Trust is able to fund most of this work, as well as the tyre-turning to be done at Bristol’s High Speed Train depôt. The work at Bristol is to remove wheel flats and ensure a consistent wheel diameter. Another huge help has been some expensive tasks being done by volunteers. These have included: replacing bushes and pins in the brake gear (by Ian Hollis); overhauling the vacuum brake cylinder (by Mike Cranmore, under expert C&W Works direction); and, in due course, sign-writing the van in the correct 1947 Great Western livery. 

But some additional unplanned work has now come to light, so may we please ask for your help to fund this too? There are 16 spring links needing to be replaced at £20 each. There are four of these to each of the Toad’s four springs. Their vital function is to support the Toad’s full weight. As the adjoining picture shows, the existing (maybe original?) links are extremely badly worn and must be replaced. The extent of the wear only became evident with the Toad lifted onto the Works jacks. The total cost is £320, which will hopefully cover the necessary new fixing pins too.

Also still to be made and fitted are the Toad’s two external footboards, for which the wood has now been ordered at a cost of £100 for each side. It would be great to have sponsors for these items as well, please! And if you are able, thirteen of the interior floorboards also remain as yet unsponsored at £15 per board...


Where can you experience such a combination in 2018 – and have an up-market inclusive experience with an elaborate afternoon tea and the full 1930s treatment in a lavishly restored LNER Kitchen Restaurant Car?

That’s a very good question – which has an equally good answer. The Severn Valley Railway of course!

The occasion was a special run of our restored LNER dining carriage No.7960, serendipitously coupled to the SVR Gresley teak set. The train was hauled by Darlington-built Ivatt-designed Class 4 2-6-0 No.43106. This loco arrived at Bridgnorth light engine in 1968 and has been based on the SVR for the last half century, taking part in our line’s reopening events. The pictures show 7960 on the train at Bridgnorth, the catering team from Eckington Manor (near Pershore), and some of the passengers sharing the experience. The special afternoon tea was a beautiful and calorie-rich repast prepared by the Eckington Manor team led by 2015 MasterChef winner, Mark Stinchcombe.

Further information is at: http://www.eckingtonmanor.co.uk/

The Trust’s adapted pigeon van, now Brake Third 24506, was also in its proper rôle as the train’s brake van – see the picture on the right.


Newsletter 67 included a tantalising picture of just the re-liveried tender of LNER B1 1264. This time we can show the completed engine as it will appear for the Gala. The picture is from the Thompson B1 Locomotive Trust’s website, © Mark O’Brien. This B1 was built by North British just months before nationalisation. It never carried LNER black in LNER ownership, having been delivered in the more attractive LNER apple green livery. Maybe one day soon...?

The Gresley B12 has now arrived at Bridgnorth ready for its Gala travels with the teak set. Here it is seen in the company of the ‘Blue King’ visitor. Your editor only wishes that locomotive owners could better respect the original designer’s own design decisions when it comes to the liveries. But understandably that’s a tricky and controversial area!



There was an interesting contrast at the SVR Kidderminster Town station on 9th March, when our platformed Gresley set was alongside the NORTHERN BELLE Pullman coaches. The latter stock, now based at Carnforth, was being readied for a luxury mainline trip through Shropshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire later that day. 


Television series: In addition to the NYMR television series mentioned in Newsletter 67, there has recently been an excellent two-programme Channel 5 series “The FLYING SCOTSMAN: A LEGEND REBORN”. This was rather more focussed on the famous Gresley Pacific than some recent programmes and included an interview with the Gresley Society chairman, Philip Benham. Worth a viewing if you have access Channel 5’s catch-up service.

A vision of Gresley-inspired beauty:  Here’s a YouTube reminder of past glories of the magical Gresley era – a garter blue, fully ‘skirted’ MALLARD working its train on the Settle-Carlisle line, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of MALLARD’s 3rd July 1938 world speed record achievement.

See: https://youtu.be/IXPSSM00e-E

Will MALLARD be allowed to stretch its wheels again for the centenary in 2038? And might it then be hauling the dedicated Mark 3 train planned by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust? If so, and with the ease of modern vinyl colour schemes applied to rolling stock, one hopes that this dedicated set could be finished in a livery reflecting the great trains of the Gresley era. Maybe a Coronation-style ‘Cambridge & Marlborough Blue Mark 3 set?  Now there’s a thought...

LNER Newsletter No 66 - January 


This was the unwelcome sight that greeted SVR volunteers arriving at Kidderminster on Boxing Day morning to work the railway’s Festive Season services. A ‘person or persons unknown’ had spent their Christmas doing this to two of our historic vehicles. The vehicles were in coaching sets that had been stabled at the station after the SVR Santa Trains service on Christmas Eve. Comment is superfluous.

The two carriages involved were our award-winning 96-year-old Great Northern Corridor Composite 2701 (one of the nine Gresley teaks hauled by FLYING SCOTSMAN during that loco’s SVR visit in 2016) and 80‑year-old GWR Corridor Third 1146.

The good news is that both carriages are being repaired for a return to traffic as quickly as possible. GNR 2701 is in the Kidderminster Works paintshop and should be finished in time for the February half-term services.  Volunteers’ painstaking work has removed 2701’s offending paint. The next step will be the time-consuming, professional gold-leaf lettering repairs and re-lining, prior to applying several coats of varnish to bring the vehicle back to its proper glory. The GWR coach will then follow – though all this comes at the price of delays to the SVR’s already long programme of overhauls. Unfortunately the Kidderminster paint shop can only accommodate one coach at a time.

At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3x7mHbkfUQ there is a video of the work needed, with a commentary by Hugh McQuade, who manages the Kidderminster paintshop and is the Chairman of the SVR Charitable Trust. Lesley Carr, the SVR Trust’s Communications Officer, has also been interviewed on BBC Hereford & Worcester. Her piece starts around 2:42:30 in the three-hour magazine programme, which is at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05rfp6m

There has already been a generous public response with donations to help cover the repairs, which are likely to cost around £10,000. Any reader wishing to make a donation (with gift aid where that is possible) can do so at: https://www.justgiving.com/pxevjdpzin/donate/?utm_source=website_cid143202&utm_medium=buttons&utm_content=pxevjdpzin&utm_campaign=donate_dd_purple

It is moving to see that donors who have left comments there include thoughtful gifts from overseas as well as from other heritage railways. Significantly, these include givers from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, whose entire LNER teak set of carriages suffered major damage at the vandals’ hands not so very long ago.

Below are stills from a BBC Midlands Today report about 2701’s repairs now in hand by Kidderminster volunteers. The chief expense will be the sign-writer’s and gold leaf craft to finish the details to SVR’s usual professional standards.



The SVR Charitable Trust has issued another short video. This time it is about their corporate partner membership programme. Well worth a viewing, this can be seen at: https://vimeo.com/246430958


See what a three minute journey on SVR would be like!

This YouTube video is also notable because it shows (if you don’t blink) our one-time scumbled teak carriage – the honorary tenth ‘teak’ in the LNER set at Bridgnorth. This is E3083, the SVR’s unique Doncaster-built experiment prototype open first of 1957. In the 1990s the SVR turned E3083 out in a mock-up livery of how Eastern Region named trains might have looked, had the management of the time used their new livery freedom to adopt an LNER-style.

Link at: https://youtu.be/6Ot4wAs7pvs


Here’s another little known corner of local history – a sort of water-borne trolleybus! The YouTube piece is brief and dark – but well worth a viewing. See: https://www.britishpathe.com/video/electric-canals/query/electric+canal+barge

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