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September 2013 (by Richard Hill)


Much progress has been made this year with completion of the modified framing for the passenger compartments and, following delivery of new teak in March, panelling the carriage exterior. An unwelcome development was the realisation that the original roof timbers had been compromised by severely corroded fittings – to the point that complete re-roofing was the only solution. So 70759 was moved into Bewdley Carriage & Wagon in July for this work to be done.

The poor condition of the old roof fittings soon confirmed the wisdom of this decision. The old roof has been stripped, and all the roof support hoops have been taken down, cleaned, de-rusted, repaired, painted and refitted. Fitting the new timbers is now in hand with the help of some generous donations and an Assisted Projects Grant from the SVR Guarantee Company.

Other work being done while the vehicle is under cover includes: further repairs to the cant-rail and body framing, fixing the remaining teak panels to the body ends, fitting the new stainless steel water tank for the WC, more varnishing to weather-proof the body exterior before the winter, and additional painting of the underframe.

Both are the subject of partially completed improvements to give their interiors more of a ‘Gresley-image’. Revised seat-end formers have been designed and an order placed for them to enable fitting to take place after the Christmas/New Year running period.

June 2013 (by Hugh McQuade)


Charitable Trust Board Member Stewart Clark attended the Transport Trust's awards ceremony where he had great pleasure in receiving a £750 cash award from the HRH Prince Michael of Kent. The award will be put directly towards funding the pantry refit in the 7960's wonderful and sumptuous restoration which was, up until 2009, very much the personal project of the late Phil James. Now under the ownership of the Charitable Trust, future plans hope to see the 7960 included in a projected SVR quality charter dining set for private and corporate bookings. Our thanks go to everyone involved in achieving this award and especially to the Transport Trust for their recognition and generosity. 


May 2013 (by Hugh McQuade)

On April 14th, 4509 a Charitable Trust owned BR standard open second carriage was shunted out. The Trust sponsored the overhaul costing £4,200. Included in the work was contract upholstery work, paint, glass for six doors and new axle box bearing pads.

4509 has run in BR 1960s maroon livery since the mid 1980s and on this occasion it has reverted to its 1957 original colours of Carmine and Cream. The funds for this were from Trust restricted funds, held since its last overhaul 7 years ago. The overhaul took 3 months from mid-Jan to April 14.

At Bridgnorth, the group have wired up the LMS 6 wheeled brake, and the lights can now be used . 

We have reinstated the lighting on 2886 for the first time since about 1975. The walls are shown with the new T+G planks, which are cut to the original 1932 sizes. The wing walls visible are for the Guards seats and are being repaired and refitted as they meet both the floor and the ceiling, neither of which can be installed until these walls are in place. The guards lighting controller had been stripped down and reconditioned at Bridgnorth while the regulator underneath the coach was one of the first to be refurbished on the Wolverton Works test rig at Kidderminster. 


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