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Bridgnorth Development Project

The Severn Valley Railway launched its 2016 Share Offer on 1st November to raise funds for this project and you can find full details at 2016 Share Offer .

However, you can also support the Bridgnorth Project by making a donation through the SVR Charitable Trust. If you are a taxpayer, we can usually claim a further 25% Gift Aid on your donation, at no extra cost to you, making this an extremely efficient way of giving to the project. Please download a Bridgnorth donation form to complete and return to us.

All donations made to the Charitable Trust for 'Bridgnorth', including any Gift Aid, will be ring-fenced for this important project. Under Charity Law, when we collect donations and claim Gift Aid for a named project such as this, we must use them only to find the costs of that project.

The Bridgnorth Development Project dovetails extremely well with the Charitable Trust's objectives to financially support the SVR's infrastructure, rolling stock and education.

Background to the Bridgnorth Development Project

In July 2016 Shropshire County Council granted full planning approval to the SVR for ambitious plans to develop  its facilities at Bridgnorth.

The total cost of the project will be around £5m and according to SVR General Manager Nick Ralls it will transform Bridgnorth station:

"This really is the most significant development in the Railway's 51-year history. The original infrastructure and buildings at Bridgnorth were never designed to cope with the large volume of passengers we have today. We'll be creating a dramatically improved experienced for visitors and staff, and boosting the local economy."

The first phase will see the construction of a GWR-style building as a refreshment room and toilets, followed by the restoration of the original Grade II listed station building. The Railwayman's Arms public house will be refurbished and enlarged and there'll be new retail and heritage areas and disabled toilet facilities.

In the longer term the plan includes additional car parking, a new volunteer accommodation block and the installation of a heritage turntable which will allow visitors a full view of locomotives being turned.


Preparatory work is already underway to transform Bridgnorth

Even as it awaited the official planning approval, the Railway was busy putting in place structure and plans so that it was able to start work as soon as it received the go-ahead from the planning authority. Chris Bond, the Infrastructure Manager, is leading the delivery team, along with Oxford Architects, who helped with the final drawings for the planning application.  The Project Team will now take on the role of overseeing the project, leaving the day-to-day running of contracts to the delivery team. 

After putting out to tender, the Railway appointed a structural engineer, a cost consultant and a mechanical and electrical engineer, and appointed Iris Construction from Ludlow as the main contractor.  They have previously been involved in heritage projects, and impressed the Railway with their willingness to accommodate the highest standards of traditional railway work that the Project Team requires.  

The first phase of the project is due to start on 3rd October 2016.  Chris Thomas and his team have been busy clearing the site in anticipation. The work was originally scheduled to start earlier but a certain Flying Scotsman has intruded on that space a little, and it was felt prudent to allow those important days to pass before bringing contactors onto what is a very constricted site. 

If the weather is favourable, it is hoped that the bulk of the first phase of development will be completed by Easter 2017.  The booking hall and the new retail area will most likely be done after that date. In terms of finance, a further £807,000 has been allocated from the 2012 share monies, but there is still a shortfall to complete the first phase.  A new share offer will be introduced in November to try and fund the balance of the first phase and also the whole of the second phase.  It is hoped to raise £2.5M from this offer, and it is categorically stated in the documents that all the money raised from this share offer will be ring-fenced for the Bridgnorth project.  You can also support the Bridgnorth development project by donating through the Charitable Trust. Any donations made through us will attract 25% Gift Aid at no extra cost to you. You can support the Bridgnorth project by making a single or regular donation, by leaving a gift in your Will, or in memory of a loved one. To donate through the Charitable Trust please click here.

Whether you decide to help through the 2016 Share Offer, launched on 1st November, or by making a donation through the Charitable Trust, you'll be playing your part in the groundbreaking Bridgnorth development project, enhancing the SVR's future security as a leading regional visitor attraction.


Purchase of 10 acres of land to the west of Bridgnorth Station

Nick Ralls, General Manager of SVR, 5th October 2015

I am very pleased to report the exciting news that the SVR is now the owner of ten acres of land to the west of Bridgnorth Station. The land includes the current overspill car park, the field behind the Engineering Services Motive Power building, the field behind Hanbury Cottage and the scheduled ancient monument of Pan Pudding Hill.

The SVR has sought to purchase the fields for some time in order to protect our boundaries from any potential housing encroachment. More recently the fields have become a very valuable element of the Bridgnorth Development Project Masterplan, securing immediately our car parking provision and room in which to construct volunteer accommodation in a later phase of the development at Bridgnorth.

With the impending application for planning consent for the Bridgnorth Masterplan to Shropshire Council, the purchase of the land marks further important progress in the preparation of Bridgnorth Station site for the first phase of development.

Further details concerning the Bridgnorth Masterplan will be available following the submission to Shropshire Council for planning consent.

Our thanks are due to The Apley Estate Trustees and Graeme Manton, the Land Agent for the Estate, for the opportunity to purchase this valuable piece of land.
If you would like to help fund the Bridgnorth Development Project you can either donate online or by sending in a donation form (here) specifying Bridgnorth as the destination of your donation.

Bridgnorth Update - March 2015 - David Postle

The plans and reports for the Bridgnorth Project had been prepared to almost full planning application stage by the middle of October 2014. The submission of the full planning application will be submitted as soon as all the surveys required by the Council have been carried out. All members of the Bridgnorth Project Team are currently working very hard to achieve the full planning consent which will then enable the planned improvements to Bridgnorth station and surrounding areas to take place.

There are numerous preparatory works which will shortly be starting to take place. The implementation of the project requires a new electricity supply and gas supply. Plans have already been looked at and meetings held with the utility providers with a view to providing new supplies, and this is likely to take place fairly soon, once the quotations and work schedules have been drawn up. Work will also be shortly taking place to prepare the site for the new toilet/catering building so that as soon as planning consent has been granted, work can start very shortly afterwards without impediment. These preparatory works, which will also include a short extension to the north end of Platform 1, show a commitment to implement the scheme once the plans have been finally approved.


For the full update please visit the Bridgnorth Development Project page on SVRlive here.




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