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Annual General Meeting Info

Documentation for the 2017 Annual General Meeting on the 13th March, all Members of the Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust are welcome to join us.

2018 AGM no. 16 AgendaAGM16-Agenda.pdf50 KBpdf 45 times
2018 AGM no. 16 Proxy FormProxy2018.pdf295 KBpdf 9 times
2018 AGM no. 16 NoticeAGM16-Notice.pdf26 KBpdf 18 times
Draft minutes from 2017 AGM no. 15AGM15-Minutes.pdf40 KBpdf 47 times
2017 SVR Charitable Trust Accounts2017 - SVRCT Accounts.pdf1 MBpdf 13 times
SVR Charitable Trust Membership Application FormTrust Membership Application.pdf74 KBpdf 47 times
Articles of AssociationArticles of Association (CC) -.pdf410 KBpdf 20 times
Membership RulesMembership Rules.pdf273 KBpdf 15 times


Infomation Leaflets


Preserving the Past for the future

Preserving the Past.pdf5 MBpdf 9 times

How a gift in your Will can be a lasting legacy

How a gift in your Will.pdf6 MBpdf 13 times
Legacy Brochure
Legacy Brochure.pdf2 MBpdf 96 times

Legacy Pledge Card

Legacy Pledge Card.pdf786 KBpdf 23 times

Discounted Will Writing Service

Will writing service.pdf1 MBpdf 5 times

Codicil Form

Codicil-form.pdf419 KBpdf 58 times

Gift Aid (45% Tax Payer)

Gift-Aid-(45%-tax-payer).pdf66 KBpdf 43 times

Art Fundraising Appeal Flyer and Form

Art Fundraising Appeal.pdf435 KBpdf 42 times


Donation Forms


All purpose Donation Form

Donation Form .pdf1 MBpdf 48 times

Apprentice donation form

Apprentice donation form.pdf1 MBpdf 16 times

Bridgnorth donation form

Bridgnorth donation form.jpg62 KBjpg 1439 times

Diesel donation form

Diesel appeal form.pdf1 MBpdf 878 times

70759 Appeal Leaflet

70759 Appeal Leaflet.pdf717 KBpdf 56 times

Gift Card

Gift Card.pdf301 KBpdf 16 times




Platform - annual update to supporters


Platform 2017 

Platform 2017.pdf3 MBpdf 27 times

Platform 2016

Platform 2016.pdf6 MBpdf 20 times

Platform 2015

Platform 2015.pdf1 MBpdf 76 times



Corporate Partnership Club

Documentation for the SVR Chartiable Trust's Corporate Partnership Club. If you would like further information please contact coralie.hudson@svrtrust.org.uk


Corporate Partnership Club Brochure

Corporate Club Brochure.pdf1 MBpdf 80 times

Corporate Partnership Club Form

Corporate Club Form.pdf303 KBpdf 25 times



Desktop Images

Some images from along the Severn Valley Railway that can be used as desktop images. (Photographs courtesy of Bob Sweet)

1501.jpg2 MBjpg 119 times
2857.jpg1 MBjpg 89 times
34053.jpg1 MBjpg 72 times
5164.jpg1 MBjpg 73 times
victoria-bridge.jpg2 MBjpg 101 times


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