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Proudly presenting ... our new film

Our promotional film highlights why it is essential to raise funds to safeguard the future of the Severn Valley Railway. Join us on a journey along our beautiful line and discover how it all started, and the enormous task faced today to keep it in good shape, 50 years after the pioneering preservationists of the 1960s first worked their magic. Just click on the image to watch our film.

We are hugely grateful to the talented team at drp, the Worcestershire-based creative communications agency, who have kindly sponsored this film as a mark of their support for the Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust. 

Why I am proud to be involved with the SVR Charitable Trust 

John Leftwich, Trustee and supporter

Fifty years ago, it would have been easy to let the Severn Valley Railway slip into obscurity. Like so many other picturesque lines, the tracks would have been torn up, bridges left to collapse and cuttings completely overgrown. An important piece of our industrial heritage would have been lost forever.

Thanks to the spirited vision of the early preservationists, quite the opposite has happened. The Railway now is as picturesque and thriving as it ever was, and remarkably it carries more passengers now than it ever did.

The cost of the day-to-day running of the Severn Valley Railway is covered thanks to the Railway’s 1,700 volunteers and a small group of paid staff who help generate the daily income from passenger fares, the shops and catering outlets.

But we need substantial extra funds so we can maintain the SVR's ageing infrastructure and rolling stock. We want to make sure this beautiful Railway keeps running long into the future, allowing everyone to experience the golden age of travel. The Trustees and I are committed to securing the funding the Railway needs for a secure and sustainable future. It's about doing justice to the pioneers who have brought the Railway this far, keeping their pioneering spirit alive and continuing their work for the benefit of future generations."

Formerly The SVR Rolling Stock Trust, the Charitable Trust was formed in May 2012 in recognition of the increasing demands of the Railway and a need to broaden the scope of our activity. Originally caring exclusively for the Railway’s vehicles, the remit was expanded to cover the 150 year old infrastructure, buildings and other developments.

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